(Relatively Unknown) Resources

In writing for this blog, I collect information from a wide variety of sources. I read a lot of material from major media companies, but I felt it was important to highlight some of the information and inspiration that comes off of the beaten path. These sites take more risks and they make me better at this in that process.

Check these websites out and give them your support.

  • Aeon: A website that does intellectual, refined work on a variety of subjects. It’s not for the faint of heart, but I encourage you to dive in.
  • Poynter: Helps this budding journalist maintain perspective on the field he’s getting into.
  • Columbia Journalism Review: Another website for journalists, but one that especially inspires me to do better in all endeavors.
  • The Intercept: Glenn Greenwald, of Edward Snowden fame, started this website as a way of channeling his adversarial, fearless style. In a time of “fake news,” it is pleasing to see an assertion of real news like this one.
  • 538: Because I love math and statistics.
  • CityLab: Because I love math, statistics and planning, especially when they help solve problems in urban areas.

I will continue to add more resources over time. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for reading material. As it is, I do not get enough email newsletters on a daily basis.